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Lógica antiterrorista

posted by vendell 13:06


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De: Vendell Fecha: 2006-07-22 13:09

Más razonamientos antiterroristas aquí.

De: Anonim Fecha: 2006-07-22 17:21

Todo por la Patria, ¡Ele!

De: siloam Fecha: 2006-07-22 23:37

la de los terroristas de estado, supongo (imagino a un grupo de chalados de tui, p.e, haciando alguna en Portugal, y que los portugueses respondan destruyendo Galicia).
pongo ese ejemplo, porque a Portugal jamás lo consideré el extranjero, y echo de menos la barcaza trasportadora Salvaterra- Monçao

De: jose Fecha: 2006-07-23 03:40

jajaja, ojo al comentario original de al solución: "ecuación resuelta por una rubita" xD

De: Vendell Fecha: 2006-07-23 10:55

Los chistes de blondes son como los de Lepe, pero las soluciones antiterroristas a la brava es que no tienen comparación posible.

De: Vendell Fecha: 2006-07-23 11:41

Les dejo aquí un comentario de un lector del Guardian:

1. Many Lebanese people hate Hezbollah.
2. Lebanese Govt cannot control Hezbollah.
3. Hezbollah capture (dont be tricked by the media into using the word kidnapped) Israeli soldiers in order to secure the release of many prisoners held in Israeli jails, many of these are under 16 (now you may use the word KIDnapped).
4. Israel attacks Lebanese civilians to get Lebanon to do something about Hezbollah (refer to no 2 above).
5. All Lebanese now hate Israel and most have more sympathy for Hezbollah.
6. The cumultative hatred which is directed towards Israel by it's neighbours is increased.
7. Israel's security (consequently) is less than it was before.
8. Israeli's assumption that state terrorism and collective punishment should be the only way to guarantee their security is again proved a failure.
9. The repetition of flawed actions to produce a successfull result is a definition of madness.
10. The US as the sponsor of Israel (as Syria USED TO BE a sponsor of Lebanon) refuses to do anything to convince Israel to change it's mind.
11. The US thus is a bad parent which is doing more harm to their child (Israel) than good by spoiling and over-indulging it in it's madness.
12. Many (particularly outside looking in) cannot believe the stupidity and pointlessness of actions guided solely by hate and pride, they see clearly how the situation might have been stopped earlier on but the players involved would not act because of pride, arrogance and hatred, once more the middle east becomes a symbol of everything that is detestable about human nature.

Posted by 56000xp on July 17, 2006 06:41 PM.

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